Brand Assets

Below are a few guidelines for using Stick Mobility’s visual brand assets.


Stick Mobility Logo


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NOTE:  Certification graphic can only to be used to advertise on hosts website for an official Stick Mobility event or to Indicate that a facility has acquired a Level-1 Stick Mobility Certification. 


Orange Color

Logo Orange #E85529

Logo Orange #E85529



Common Banner Specs

Below are some of the most common specifications for banners as noted in the  IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

Banners 300x250




 Banners 728x90


Banners 300x600




Banners 160x600



Banners 468x60

Stick Mobility Banner 468x60



You can use any images from our website for Stick Mobility promotional purposes. 

  Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 11.09.00 PM Stick Mobility T-Shirt

Bengals Stick Mobility Certification 4



You can use any videos from our YouTube channel for your Stick Mobility promotional purposes:


Specific Text 

  • You can use any text from our web site, including the About and FAQ pages.