Neal Valera

Neal Valera

Co- Founder Stick Mobility

Meet Neal

A former NCAA Division One golfer turned avid rock climber, Neal has been coaching strength, mobility, and movement since 2007. His love for sports, martial arts, and outdoor activities has contributed to his lifelong interest in various movement disciplines. Having trained a vast range of body types and fitness levels, Neal has found that the common denominator for health, longevity and performance is improving movement quality. Not everyone can be a world class athlete, but we all have the capability of functioning and moving naturally. Neal is dedicated to helping people discover their physical potential and improve their mobility. Neal is a firm believer in practicing what you preach, and he carries a simple philosophy: If you improve your ability to move well, you will improve the quality of your life, physically and mentally.


  • Owner of NV Strength In Motion
  • Co-Founder of San Jose Strength Coach
  • BS San Jose State University
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CPT, PES, CES Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Strong First Kettlebell and Bodyweight Instructor
  • American Kettlebell Club Coach
  • FMS Certified Specialist Indian Club
  • NCEP Holistic Nutritionist USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor

Co- Founder Stick Mobility

Meet Mitch

Mitch grew up as an athlete playing and competing in many sports such as baseball, basketball, football, martial arts, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. He played baseball at Hartnell Community College and then went on to Cal State Long Beach. In college he realized just how important training and preparing the body for sports really is, and how it can make or break us as an athlete. His focus on Corrective Exercise to Strength & Conditioning is where he believes he can help more athletes excel in their sport(s) and decrease the risk of injury. 15 years later he is still in the field of Sports Performance and is constantly producing better athletes. Mitch has taught certification courses for the National College of Exercise Professionals (NCEP) for 3 years. He was a Fitness Director for a chain of health clubs for 3 years and developed 3 Sports Performance Facilities and 1 Post-Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise Facility. He was also an instructor at the Riekes Center for Human Performance, where he taught acceleration classes. He is currently the Director of Sports Performance for South Bay Sports Training and Kali Baseball/Stars softball travel teams. With over 17 years in the training world Mitch’s extensive knowledge of the stresses athletes put on their bodies has improved the performance of thousands – He would love to help you too.


  • Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from CSULB




  • High School Strength Coach, Performance Enhancement, Olympic Lifts, Speed-Agility-Quickness, Personal Training, Advanced Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Advanced Program Design, Holistic Nutrition, Balance & Core, Stability Ball, Functional Movement Screening, Rock Doc/Power Taping
  • Board Certified Exercise Therapist.
Dennis Dunphy

Dennis Dunphy

Co- Founder Stick Mobility

Meet Dennis

Dennis was born in Seoul, S Korea and feels extremely lucky and fortunate to have been adopted by a loving family when he was just 3 years old. His formative years were spent in Buffalo, NY where he first became interested in fitness. Dennis soon became passionate about helping people move better, team sports, travel and of course eating great food. He moved to San Jose, CA in 1997 to begin a new chapter in his life – what better place to feed his passions than in the San Francisco Bay area. Dennis’s first endeavor in his professional career, and in the fitness world, began in 1999 at 24-HR Fitness. As an entrepreneur and natural coach it didn’t take him long to realize that he needed to break out of the corporate gym setting and start his own business – Diamond Physique. He is going on 17 years of doing something that he absolutely loves. His greatest reward comes from the gratification he receives from helping other people improve themselves both physically and mentally. He helps people enjoy a better quality of life – there is no better reward. Most of his clients are 40+ and are dealing with physical issues or pain. Stick Mobility is a powerful tool that allows Dennis to help his clients achieve better movement and health. His journey has led to an ever increasing knowledge of the human body and how all the body’s systems work in unison. Stick Mobility is a result of that journey. Neal, Mitch and Dennis are proud to bring you a system that will revolutionize your life.


  • Owner – Diamond Physiques
  • CPT accreditation from the International Fitness Professionals Association
  • CPT National College of Exercise Professionals


  • Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist
  • FMS practitioner
  • U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
  • Animal Flow Level 1
  • Ultimate Sandbag Coach
  • Macebells
  • Indian Clubs
  • TRX
  • Kettlebell Trainer

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