Stick Mobility Founders

Neal Valera

Neal has been coaching strength, mobility, and movement since 2007. His love for sports, martial arts, and outdoor activities have contributed to his lifelong interest in various movement disciplines. Having trained a wide range of body types and fitness levels, Neal believes the common denominator for health, longevity, and performance is improving movement quality. Neal co-founded Stick Mobility in 2015 and is dedicated to helping people discover their physical potential and improve their ability to move well.

Current Industry Certifications
– NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PES, CES.
– FRC Movement Specialist.
– Strong First Kettlebell and Bodyweight Instructor.
– American Kettlebell Club Coach.
– FMS Certified Specialist.
– Certified Indian Club Coach.
– NCEP Holistic Nutritionist.
– USAW Sports Performance Coach.
– IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist.
– Bachelor of Science, San Jose State University.

Dennis Dunphy

Dennis’s first endeavor as a fitness professional began in 1999 at 24 Hour Fitness and soon after started his own training business. Many of his clients are 40+ who experience physical issues and pain, and his greatest reward comes from helping others improve physically and mentally. His journey has led to an ever-increasing knowledge of the human body and how all the body’s systems work in unison, which led him to co-create Stick Mobility in 2015 to help others achieve better movement and health.

Current Industry Certifications
– IFPA and NCEP Certified Personal Trainer.
– Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist. 
– FMS Practitioner. 
– U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach. 
– Animal Flow Level 1. 
– Ultimate Sandbag Coach. 
– Macebells. 
– Indian Clubs.
– TRX. 
– Kettlebell Trainer.