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Stick Mobility

Address: 2215 S Bascom Ave  Campbell,CA 95008

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We are located at:  2215 S Bascom Ave, Campbell,CA 95008

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Stick Mobility

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I always feel better after I use my Sticks!

“Neal Valera, Stick Mobility co-founder, has been my personal trainer for more than 5 years now. When I met Neal I was approaching my 50th birthday, I was fat, inflexible, and not very strong. Moreover, I was scared my single digit golf handicap would become a thing of the past unless I could get in better shape and somehow offset the inevitable effects of age. Neal’s training regimens have helped me break 80 more since I’ve turned 50, than I did in all of my 40’s. The “traditional” work we’ve done in the gym has focused on body movement, core strength and flexibility. The Stick Mobility’s revolutionary approach to better movement and flexibility has been a great new addition to our training sessions because now I feel better in the gym and I believe I recover faster by incorporating these exercises. My new goal is to stay on the golf course and maintain my single digit handicap well into my 60’s. I believe the Stick Training approach will help me get there. It’s portable, simple for me to recreate on my own, and incredibly effective. Bottom line: I always feel better after I use my sticks!”

David Mills

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