What Does An Affiliate Do?

Affiliates support and represent Stick Mobility and the product benefits in their community and refer interested people to our website store.


What Are The Benefits For Affiliates?

Affiliates receive compensation for referrals that lead to a purchase on our site.  The compensation amount is tiered and based on the total volume of sales referred over time. The rate starts at 10% of the sale amount and steps up to 15% as more sales are referred.  (A detailed description of the tiering is provided upon application, or you may call us on 888 992 8779 or email [email protected] for more info)

Referrals are tracked from a link on your site or social channels with a customized ID we provide. We can also provide a simple personalized coupon code that the customer enters at checkout and credits your affiliate account.

We provide a detailed online dashboard for Affiliates so they may monitor all details of their individual referrals.


Who Can Apply?

Certified Stick Mobility Coaches, gym and studio owners, personal trainers, medical professionals, and passionate supporters of the Stick Mobility training system that want to make some extra money from their support.  Currently, the Stick Mobility Affiliate Program is offered through Stick Mobility USA.  Due to international banking regulations we can only accept Affiliates that have a US address.

If you’d like to apply please fill out the form below:  (If you already have an account with us, which is automatically generated when you make a purchase, please make sure you are logged in otherwise you will receive an error message that your email has already been taken)

Register a new affiliate account