Stick Mobility Fundamentals Video


The Stick Mobility Fundamentals Training Video is FREE with the purchase of any 2 stick or bundle purchase.  After your purchase you will be provided with a username and password for unlimited digital access to the 45 minute long video hosted by the co-founders of Stick Mobility.  Get in on what everyone is talking about and start transforming your flexibility and mobility today!

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Product Description

Whether you’re using a broomstick, a pipe or one of our specially designed sticks to do our Stick Mobility program you will find that this video is filled with great exercises to propel you into peak fitness.  You could be an athlete, fitness guru, weekend warrior or 9-5’er recovering from injury (or trying to prevent it) this video along with our Stick Mobility program can change how you feel and how you perform.  This revolutionary approach to fitness is now available for viewing in our exclusive membership site.  With the purchase of this video you have unlimited access to over 45 minutes of routines led by the co-founders of Stick Mobility.

What Size Stick Do I Need?

•6 Footers and 4 footers if you are under 5’10” tall
•7 Footers and 5 footers if you are 5″10″ or taller
•8 Footers are for over 6’4″ and are available in Pro Only!

Standard Sticks vs Pro Model

•If you are over 225 lbs or exceptionally strong you will want to get the Pro Model – It is thicker, wider and offers more resistance than the standard model.


Pro Model Version

  • Mobility is for everyone, not just the small petite population. Our Pro Model stick is meant for people who are very strong and/or 220 lbs+. The Pro Model, at 1.5 inches in diameter, is ½ an inch thicker than the standard version. Our clients with larger hands will appreciate the larger grip diameter.
  • It takes much more force to flex this stick. This will give our larger clients more security when doing such moves as the “monkey hang”, which may put a large amount of flex on the stick. Stronger clients will also enjoy the benefits of the Pro Model when doing the “human bow and arrow”, which requires force to push the stick away from your center line. The Pro Model is the latest tool in our Stick Mobility arsenal aimed at helping you move better.

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