Protect Yourself And Your Sticks

Things To Do

  • Do anchor the sticks to the ground or a secure fixed point to prevent sticks from slipping.
  • Do have adequate space to move the sticks and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do watch the two safety videos below.
  • Do contact us if you have any questions at: 888-992-8779


Things Not To Do

  • Do not take any stretch to the point of pain.
  • Do not stand or jump on the sticks.
  • Do not use sticks that have had prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold as this will result in the compromised structural integrity of the sticks.
  • Do not try to anchor the sticks on an unstable, unsecured, or slippery surface.
  • Do not use sticks that have structural flaws or compromised structural integrity.
  • Do not use the sticks outside of it’s intended purpose as a fitness and exercise tool.
  • Do not over-flex the stick. The objective is to create tension, not excessively bend the stick (Although rare, excessive over-flexion of the stick can result in damage)