What Does An Affiliate Do?

Affiliates share their mobility knowledge and demonstrate Stick Mobility exercises to their community with the goal of helping others improve their quality of movement. Affiliates refer those who are interested in learning more about Stick Mobility to our website.


What Are The Benefits For Affiliates?

Affiliates receive a 10% payment for any products purchased on stickmobility.com by their referral.

We provide a detailed online dashboard for Affiliates so they can monitor all the details of their individual referrals.  This can be accessed by logging into your Stick Mobility account.

Referrals are tracked by a unique URL web link we provide that can be used on your social channels, site, and emails etc.

Affiliate payments are paid monthly for any account with a credit over $100 into your provided bank account.


Who Can Apply?

Certified Stick Mobility Coaches, personal trainers, gym owners, athletes, medical professionals, and passionate supporters of the Stick Mobility training system that want to make some extra money sharing their mobility knowledge and exercise demonstrations with the sticks.

We are currently only accepting Affiliates from the United States for our US online store.


Are There Any Other Requirements?

You will need a bank account to set up your direct deposit so we can quickly and safely deposit your payments directly into your bank account.

If you have further questions please email us at support@stickmobility.com.

If you’d like to apply please click the button below: