Online Certification-Level 1 - Stick Mobility US
Online Certification-Level 1 - Stick Mobility US
Online Certification-Level 1 - Stick Mobility US
Online Certification-Level 1 - Stick Mobility US
Online Certification-Level 1 - Stick Mobility US

Online Certification-Level 1

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This online education course features step-by-step instructional videos to learn our methods of increasing flexibility, strength, and coordination. 

During this hands-on course, co-founders Dennis Dunphy and Neal Valera take you through three phases of joint mobilization, strength training drills, and active stretching techniques.

You’ll learn the five scientific principles upon which our training system is built and the warm-up and recovery methods used by top trainers, professional athletes, and medical practitioners. You’ll acquire the knowledge to improve movement pattern quality to effect lasting positive changes in mobility, earn CEUs, and be certified as a Stick Mobility Coach.

The online course covers the same content as our two-day-on-location certifications and provides an alternative when you can't attend an in-person course, or wish to avoid the extra cost of travel expenses.

What's Included?
  • 14 Hours of in-depth instructional video training to learn at your own pace. (In English)
  • Coaching Manual (Downloadable PDF File in English)
  • Lifetime access to online training and coaching videos.
  • Invitation to join the private Stick Mobility Coaches Facebook Group.
  • You’ll receive a 15-30% discount on all future stick purchases, based on quantity ordered. (USA orders only)
  • Earn 1.3 CEU’s from NASM, NCEP, AFAA, NSCA (13 CEC’s from PTA Global and 12 CEC’s from AFLCA).
  • Earn Certified Stick Mobility Coach status, including an official Certificate of Completion (Downloadable PDF file).
Course Requirements
  • You’ll need a 3-Stick Bundle to use for the course exercises.
  • Computer, tablet, or internet-enabled mobile phone with enough bandwidth to stream videos required.

Experience a comprehensive training certification taught by the founders of Stick Mobility. Our accredited in-person and online certifications allow Trainers around the world to earn CEUs through completing Stick Mobility Certifications.


Become a highly skilled Stick Mobility Coach and increase the value you provide as a qualified fitness professional. Learn practical mobilizations, stretches, drills, isometric exercises and more by starting The Stick Mobility Training System today.


Elevate your professional status and unlock a world of opportunity as a Certified Stick Mobility Coach. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive training program and proudly showcase your expertise with an official certificate of completion all while earning CEU’s through our accredited partners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick Robbins
Excellent Course for self improvement

I’ve been using the sticks for a month or so and cannot believe how amazing they are. The progressions in the videos will allow you to achieve positions that may have seen unobtainable when first using the sticks (slap shot in my case). I’m certain that there are many more, but haven’t seen them yet. Not only are the sessions well organized, but the instructors are fantastic as you probably know already from the free videos. We are all at different levels, and I have a long way to go. With daily practice using these videos, I am confident that my mobility, strength and stability will continue to improve for a much better quality of life. Thank you for such a great product.

Eric B

The online course is great and fun to progress through especially now I’m into the more global movements…turns out to be GREAT knee rehab! We discussed earlier that I’d like to attend the San Diego class in July and am making plans already to do so.

Ray Bailey
Stick Mobility has you covered

Stick Mobility is an amazing system that works extremely well for people of all ages and fitness experience. This system that I have been certified in for years has proven not only to be highly valuable to me but my clients as well. They teach you the fundamentals of how to use the tool efficiently and effectively with progressions and regressions for every drill. Need to gain mobility, strength, coordination, balance, and learn how to better utilize your joints and muscles to create the quickest and most effective response? Stick Mobility has you covered. Invaluable information and strategies to make sure you get the best out of the program.

Thank you for all your support Ray! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience!