Online Certification-Level 2
Online Certification-Level 2
Online Certification-Level 2
Online Certification-Level 2
Online Certification-Level 2

Online Certification-Level 2

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This online education course features step-by-step instructional videos from our founders, Dennis Dunphy and Neal Valera.

The online course covers the same content as our two-day on-location certifications and provides an alternative when you can't attend an in-person course.

The Level 2 Certification is aimed at advancing and refining your skills and problem-solving as a Stick Mobility practitioner by diving deeper into the principles established in Level 1. 


  • Advanced concepts of leverage and stability providing more progressions and regressions.
  • Feedback techniques that will give your clients the best opportunity to learn movements, feel muscle activation and acquire more body awareness.
  • Advanced Bow & Arrow techniques to teach multi-directional loading and to strengthen the outer and inner ranges of movement.
  • Dealing with torsion and building more sinew strength.
  • Learn different movement games to create fun, brain-engaging, movement variability.
  • Programming and implementation of Stick Mobility.
  • Best practices for incorporating and enhancing various training modalities and equipment with the addition of Stick Mobility. (Barbells, kettlebells, bands, physio balls, etc.)
  • Isometric loading strategies.
  • Coaching development that will improve problem-solving, communication, and adaptability.
  • Recovery strategies.
What's Included?
  • 14 Hours of in-depth instructional video training to learn at your own pace. (In English)
  • Coaching Manual (Downloadable PDF File in English)
  • Lifetime access to online training and coaching videos.
  • Invitation to join the private Stick Mobility Coaches Facebook Group.
  • You’ll receive a 15-30% discount on all future stick purchases, based on quantity ordered. (USA orders only)
  • Option to be listed on the ‘Find a Trainer’ Directory to help grow your business.
  • Earn 1.3 CEUs from NASM, NCEP, and AFAA.
  • Earn Certified Stick Mobility Coach Level 2 status, including an official Certificate of Completion (Downloadable PDF file).
Course Requirements
  • Completion of our Level 1 Certification is required to attend.
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