In-Person Essentials Course

In-Person Essentials Course

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The In-Person Stick Mobility Essentials Course is a comprehensive program designed to equip health and
fitness enthusiasts, as well as professionals, with a strong understanding of the Stick Mobility
training system. This course provides a deep exploration of the underlying reasoning behind
each movement, allowing participants to grasp its purpose and the benefits of Stick Mobility
By completing this course, individuals will develop proficiency in utilizing Stick Mobility Training
Sticks and techniques, empowering them to apply these skills both personally and
After completion of the course, participants will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to
confidently integrate Stick Mobility into their personal fitness routines or professional practice,
promoting better physical well-being for themselves and those they work with.

  • Safely and Effectively Incorporate Stick Mobility Training Sticks: Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently and safely integrate the use of Training Sticks into fitness routines or client sessions.
  • Customize Drills for Individual Needs: Learn how to tailor Stick Mobility drills to accommodate the specific requirements and abilities of each individual, ensuring optimal training outcomes.
  • Understand Scientific Principles: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the five scientific principles that serve as the foundation for Stick Mobility training protocols and exercises, enabling informed application of these principles in practice.
  • Explore Joint-By-Joint Mobilizations and Active Stretches: Examine joint-by-joint mobilizations and essential active stretches.
  • Acquire Practical Techniques: Acquire a diverse set of practical techniques that can be applied to enhance overall physical well-being, allowing individuals to support their own health goals and assist clients in achieving theirs.
What's Included?
  • 4-Hours of live professional training by a Stick Mobility Master Instructor
  • Digital Essentials Course Manual (Downloadable PDF File in English)
  • An official Certificate of Completion
Course Requirements
  • You’ll need a 3-Stick Bundle to use for the course exercises (virtual courses only).
  • Come dressed to workout. We recommend conducting the course barefoot or in
    minimal training shoes or training socks.
  • We will email you detailed instructions for your specific course location after completing
    the registration.

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In-Person Essentials Course
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