Woman using Stick Mobility
Woman using Stick Mobility
Man using Stick Mobility
Man walking with Stick Mobility
Man Training Woman with Stick Mobilty
Individual Training Sticks Stick Mobility
Individual Training Sticks - Stick Mobility US
Individual Training Sticks - Stick Mobility US
Individual Training Sticks - Stick Mobility US
Individual Training Sticks - Stick Mobility US
Individual Training Sticks - Stick Mobility US

Individual Training Sticks

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Length:7 Foot
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Model:Classic Orange

The Training Sticks are flexible tools used to create leverage, stability, and body awareness to increase your range of motion and improve muscle activation.

  • Our Training system improves flexibility, strength, and coordination.
  • Combines joint mobilization, strength training, & active stretching.
  • Training Sticks are waterproof, easy to clean, & made in the USA.
  • Sticks feature secure silicone grips
  • Boosts athletic performance, reduces injury risk, and speeds recovery.
  • Works the entire body efficiently.
  • Free Shipping For Bundles On USA Orders 

We recommend purchasing a bundle of three sticks to utilize the full range of exercises in the training system. If you’d like to purchase just one or two sticks to start, get the 6-foot sticks if you are under 5’10″ tall, and the 7-foot sticks if you are 5’10” and taller

What's Included?

Stick Mobility Training Sticks come with a 12-month Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects for sticks purchased from stickmobility.com from the date of purchase. We will replace any Training Stick found to contain a manufacturer defect after inspection and will cover replacement shipping charges.


Sticks that have been modified in any way are not eligible for warranty.

Training Sticks that have been damaged or broken due to over-bending, misuse or neglect are not eligible for warranty. 

Please refer to our Training Stick Care Guidelines on our FAQ page for proper usage and storage instructions.

No warranty on apparel, posters or digital content.

The Training Sticks are designed to create leverage, stability, and body awareness, increasing your range of motion while improving muscle activation.


The Stick Mobility Training Sticks are crafted from a unique PVC blend, purposefully engineered to provide both strength and flexibility in their construction. Training Sticks are waterproof, easy to clean, made in the USA and feature secure silicone grips.


The Training Stick is the first flexible exercise tool to serve as instrumental aid for enhancing range of motion, stimulating muscle activation, improving coordination, and developing body awareness, establishing a robust basis for improved movement capabilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Game changer

As a CPT/RN/Nutrition coach through NASM, realizing Mobility is key to health and wellness and a needed addition to everyone’s exercise plan. Would love to have access to additional exercises


Worth the $ very helpful with my flexibility

I’m glad I bought a stick

I got the 6 foot long stick. Years ago I had shoulder surgery and then another injury to it. I have a very tight pec minor as a result and also some related diminished t-spine rotation ability. I’ve done doorway stretches and other shoulder/pec stretches and nothing ever felt like it was “hitting the right spot”. I’m able to get really good shoulder and chest stretches as well as t-spine rotations with the stick - things like the slapshot and others. I use it every day and can feel a difference from when I started.


It’s just what I expected and I started using it as soon as it came out of the box!


I named my sticks Laverne and Shirley. I even have a monogram L on the Laverne stick. They are very good girls.