Racquet Sports Optimizer - Stick Mobility US
Racquet Sports Optimizer - Stick Mobility US

Racquet Sports Optimizer

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Racquet Sports including Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball and Squash are played by millions of people each year around the world. At Stick Mobility, our goal is to improve movement quality through increased joint mobility, range of motion, flexibility, and coordination. The Stick Mobility Training System has been implemented with many professional sports teams to help optimize performance at the highest level. This 9-week, self-guided training program to help you improve mobility, range of motion, coordination, and flexibility so that you can decrease your risk of injury and play the sport you love.

Common injuries in racquet sports include tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, back strain, patellar tendonitis, ankle sprains, and ligament tears in the knee (ACL, MCL, LCL). In a 25-year cohort study of over 20,000 people, tennis players were shown to live 9.7 years longer than the average person. The longevity benefits of adequate movement, nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery are well-documented and available to everyone. Sport-specific programs focused on increasing the performance and longevity of racquet sports athletes and enthusiasts are usually reserved for only the best athletes in the world.

If you want to accelerate your abilities, serve more aces, feel stronger, and play racquet sports for the rest of your life - you’re going to want to spend time off the court following a sport-specific program designed by professionals. Racquet sports require you to jump, twist in both directions, lunge, squat, and run as well as simultaneously challenge single-leg balance and hand-eye coordination. Any weakness in your body when playing can cause compensatory patterns and/or injury both on and off the court.

What's Included?

This online workout program includes a 10 page PDF with weekly workouts containing hyperlinked videos that are easy to follow! Each video contains custom written coaching cues and will help guide you through your program to ensure your exercise form is correct.

Equipment Requirements

1 Stick Mobility Training Stick Bundle & 1 ViPR PRO

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