Online Introductory Workshop
Online Introductory Workshop
Online Introductory Workshop
Online Introductory Workshop
Online Introductory Workshop

Online Introductory Workshop

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The Online Introductory Workshop features step-by-step instructional videos to learn our methods of increasing flexibility, strength, and coordination.

During this hands-on training course co-founders, Dennis Dunphy and Neal Valera take you through a range of exercises from our three phases of joint mobilization, strength training drills, and active stretching techniques. You'll also be guided through various structured workouts to integrate into your own full-body training program. This video workshop provides a detailed introduction to Stick Mobility and bridges the gap between our free videos on our YouTube Channel and the in-depth Online Certification Course or our two-day in-person Certification Course. This workshop includes 50 videos and is suitable for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, Personal Trainers, Sports Performance Coaches, Medical Staff, and those wanting to learn more about the Stick Mobility Training Program but are not ready to commit to the full Certification Course. For existing Stick Mobility Coaches this course acts as a framework to learn and then teach their own in-person workshops at their facilities to help build their Stick Mobility business. 

What's Included?
  • 4-Hours of instructional video training to learn at your own pace. (In English).
  • Downloadable Support Document as PDF File (In English).
Course Requirements
  • You’ll need a 3-Stick Bundle to use for the course exercises.
  • Computer, tablet, or internet-enabled mobile phone with enough bandwidth to stream videos required.
  • Note: This workshop does not earn CEU's.
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